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Real sex with a tattooed hottie
Duration: 50 min, Rating:
5.0 (3 votes)

As soon as I saw this sassy brunette with tattoos I knew she was the kind of girl who'd go for outdoor sex with a charming stranger. And as always, I was right! Erica turned out to be a very hot and lustful babe, and her sexy white stockings totally blew me away. We found a quiet place where nobody would disturb us and plunged into hot and crazy outdoor fucking under the clear blue sky. Erica started with sucking me off, and I must confess that she was a first-class cock-sucker! Her shagging skills were really impressive too, so check out…

Extreme anal sex with hot blonde
Duration: 51 min, Rating:
4.5 (6 votes)

There's nothing better than seducing and screwing real girls wherever I go! I made this public sex video on a hot summer day when I met a cute blondie Dana who didn't mind sunbathing with me. You know me, I always know how to talk a girl into getting naked for me, but today I got really lucky. This Dana, she loved the idea of risky outdoor sex so much that she sucked me off with no hesitation. Then she let me tear her pantyhose apart and bang her oozing pussy. But the real treat was to fuck her tight asshole! Yeah, these angel-like blondes…

Real girl fucks a horny tourist
Duration: 66 min, Rating:
4.3 (3 votes)

Summertime is perfect for outdoor fucking! But first I had to find a real wild girl who would agree to have a little sex adventure with me. And so I found Virginia, a hot blonde who was waiting for her friend. We waited some more and then went for a walk. Virginia knew that she turned me on, and she obviously didn't mind having some fun in the fresh air. We found a nice beach, and this filthy blonde got on her knees to suck me off. Yeah, that was hot! Then we enjoyed an awesome outdoor fucking session, and the risk of being caught turned…

Public blowjob from wild Nathaly
Duration: 54 min, Rating:
4.1 (10 votes)

I love slutty chicks! They never refuse from having wild sex with a stranger, especially if you're a handsome tourist like me. Today I met Nathaly, a pretty blonde who had a boyfriend but slept with other guys as well. It wasn't hard to talk her into performing a public blow job in the street near her house, she didn't even hesitate for a second. Then I took her to a cafe, where we experienced something truly crazy! We locked in a bathroom stall and had real sex on camera. Nathaly turned out to be an insatiable and cock-hungry little slut,…

Real sex for a driving lesson
Duration: 66 min, Rating:
3.7 (7 votes)

Candy was a girlfriend of some rich Russian businessman, and she was choosing a car when we met her. She definitely wasn't the shy type, so she was perfect for my next sex adventure in Prague. It turned out Candy had enough money to buy a new Lamborghini but had no driving license. We offered her a driving lesson, and she agreed, even though we asked her to do us a favor and let us take some pics of her being nude in public. And then this gorgeous blonde went all the way with me! First I enjoyed a kick-ass public blowjob, then I fucked the…

Public restroom fuck with charming Timea
Duration: 53 min, Rating:
5.0 (5 votes)

As usual, my buddy Alex helped me to pick up real girls in the streets of Prague, and this time he was extremely helpful as the hottie we met in the parking lot didn't speak English. She needed 2 euro to rent a shopping trolley, and we told her we'd give her the money. She went to our car with us, and soon we made her forget about shopping. She agreed to pose topless for us, and we made a couple of steamy pictures with sexy Timea nude in public. Then I took her to the public restroom for a quick public fuck. Damn, she was so very hot! I was…

Bitchy goth chick has real group sex
Duration: 58 min, Rating:
4.2 (5 votes)

Wow, this was one of the most exciting sex adventures I've ever had! I needed to get to the centre of Prague, and one guy called Alex agreed to give me a ride. He was a cool guy and we talked about chicks all the time. Soon we picked up Wendy, a crazy cyber goth bitch who was very angry and rude. However as soon as Wendy learned that I've got a joint she said she'd do anything to get high. Well well, how could I not use such a great chance to make another amateur public sex video with her? She started blowing me in the car, and Alex wanted…

Real sex with a slutty redhead
Duration: 53 min, Rating:
4.6 (8 votes)

My friend Alex and me met Kattie in the street. She was waiting for a tram and very cold, just like us. Kattie was a very cool and funny girl, and I desperately wanted to fuck her. It was obviously too cold for an outdoor fuck, so we found a cozy cafe, where I talked Kattie into flashing her tits. I guess this partial public nudity really turned her on because soon she performed a hot public blowjob without any hesitation. But you know me, a blowjob is never enough for me, I want more! I screwed Kattie in any way I wanted, and after an…

Crazy public fuck in bowling club
Duration: 68 min, Rating:
4.2 (6 votes)

It was such a cold day, I even gave up on picking up some pretty girl for another sex adventure. I had no money, I was freezing, all I wanted was to find an ATM and to have some hot coffee. And then I saw her, a stunning brunette in a sexy mini skirt. I asked her where the ATM was, and she was very friendly. As soon as I learned that she was a nurse who worked in a strip bar I knew I'd make a super hot public sex video with this hottie! I took her to the bowling club that was almost empty, and for some cash she agreed to set up a little…

Extreme sex in a quiet park
Duration: 70 min, Rating:
4.6 (8 votes)

When I saw Alice in her sexy stockings, sassy mini skirt and kinky high heels I knew I gotta have sex with her! She was very easy-going, so in a couple of minutes we were chatting and laughing just like old friends. When I suggested going to some more quiet place she took me to the park, where all the action happened. At first I took some very sexy photos of her, and then Alice got on her knees and did the best public blowjob ever. I got so aroused, I drilled her in any position I could think of. She was so cool, she even let me take her…

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